Birdworld Kuranda Wildlife Attraction

Want to get close to a Southern Cassowary? Guaranteed to happen at Birdworld Kuranda. This iconic rainforest resident and Australia’s largest flightless bird is always here, sometimes walking and watching, sometimes refreshing in its cool pool and other times just resting in the shade. A rare opportunity to get close and admire these magnificent creatures. While the Cassowary is the largest bird here, it is far from the only rainforest resident you can see. There are 350 birds living here, representing over 50 species from around Australia and the world.

The Blue and Gold Macaws know how to get your attention and pose for photos.

Birdworld Kuranda Giant Rainforest Aviary

What the owners have created here is amazing. A giant enclosed rainforest aviary, complete with growing trees, running water and a pond, all of which creates the perfect habitat for a diverse array of birds, including ducks, herons, egrets and even a swan. Visitors can wander around on sealed pathways and boardwalks, spending as much time as they like enjoying the many feathered friends that live here.

“Walking through the doors, you are immediately transported into another place, with so many bright and beautiful birds. We’d purchased some seed at admission, which let us handfeed the birds. They sat on our heads and shoulders, making for some awesome photos! We loved the Macaws and the Eclectus Parrots.” – Julie Johnston

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Birdworld Kuranda So Many Amazing Birds

Where to begin on the birds. So much colour and diversity in size, shape and behaviour. For some, the Southern Cassowary will be the highlight. For me, it’s probably the macaws, parrots, lorikeets and parakeets. As well as being beautiful, they are super friendly and seem just as interested in us, as we are in them. Stand outs for me are the Blue and Gold Macaws, Eclectus Parrots, which are only found in the rainforests of Cape York, Alexandrine Parakeets and the Rainbow Lorikeets. How did I know their names? The super helpful identification chart you get on arrival.

The water birds were a surprise too. Loved the Mandarin Duck from East Asia, have never seen such striking markings before, plus the gorgeous Black Swan and uber cute family of Wandering Whistling Ducks.

There’s something super cool about walking around with these beautiful birds.

Birdworld Kuranda What You Need To Know

Birdworld Kuranda is located in the Kuranda Heritage Markets, at Kuranda on the Atherton Tablelands. It’s open 10am to 4pm daily and is suitable for people of all ages. You can purchase bird feed to take in with you and I highly recommend it.

  • Suitable for most people
  • Bring your camera
  • Take your time
  • Remove jewellery
  • Over 350 birds
  • Almost 60 species

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Julie was born in Cairns and grew up running around in the cane fields south of the city. She has explored, breathed and loved everything about our amazing Cairns region her whole life. Excited to be able share this wonderful place with our son and see it all again through ‘new’ eyes. Watch this space for more info on the people, places, destinations and things you can do up here.

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