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I Love Cairns is owned and operated by Richard, Julie and Ethan Johnston. A family of three who love going on adventures! We live for weekends and holidays, getting out of the house, off the screen and into nature to make some memories. Where do we go? As many different places as possible, above and below the sea. We love walking on tracks and trails, diving on the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, fossicking and finding treasures, jumping into waterfalls, paddleboarding and 4WDing. We used to stay accommodated, then we tried a campertrailer and we’ve just upgraded to a hybrid caravan, so we can go further and see more (you can rent this too). This website is an online portal to the various tours, experiences and destinations across Cairns and North Queensland. Our stories are written to provide accurate advice, information and images about the trips we go on. From the Reef to the Rainforest, the Cape to Cobbold Gorge, the City to the Country. Why do we do it? Because we are passionate about where we live and want you to get inspired to come visit, explore and love Cairns too. We’ll see you out there – living the dream – making memories.

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The I Love Cairns site is growing all the time. All content, images and video are made by us. When we’re not exploring, we’re working and will continue to grow site content in the coming weeks and months.

Team Johnston. Richard. Julie. Ethan.

So, what’s our story? We’re web developers and content creators. We’re partners at home and work and through our Cairns web design agency RJ New Designs, we’re privileged to help many other businesses, promote their business online. We’ve been building websites since 2005, developing custom WordPress sites for clients located across the city, state and country. We’re passionate professionals who love Cairns and North Queensland. To share this with others we have created a few sites over the years, starting with Cairns Dive Adventures, which we stepped away from while Ethan was young, but you can still find our stories in the reviews. Our current projects are I Love Cairns, Cairns Dive and Tropical Trailblazers.

Richard Johnston

Dad. Web Developer. Caravan Reverse Parking Maestro. When I’m not out exploring our region, I’m creating cutting edge websites for our clients in Cairns and across the Cape, state and country. I love photography and videography and am always looking for creative ways to share our stories.


Julie Johnston

Mum. Manager. Storyteller. I love discovering new places and experiences and sharing these moments with our son. That makes me so happy! When I’m not out, I’m at the desk smashing the keyboard to write the stories you’ve found on this site. I hope you like them.


Ethan Johnston

Diver. Explorer. Son. Ethan loves scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, exploring and screentime (keeping it real people). He became a certified PADI Junior Open Water Diver aged 10 and can’t decide if he wants to be a Dive Instructor or work in IT, once school is done.


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