great adventures scuba diving
  • 24th Jun 2024

Great Adventures Review

If you can’t decide between a Cairns reef or island day tour – no problem – do them both in one action packed day with Great Adventures. This full day itinerary includes 2 hours at Green Island and 3 hours at the Outer Great Barrier Reef, with buffet lunch and semi-submersible tours. It ticks all the boxes. Cruise. Snorkel. Dive. Explore.

fishing karumba blue salmon
  • 21st Jun 2024

Karumba Fishing Charter Review

Karumba. A small town in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and a 748km drive from Cairns. Most people go there for one reason – fishing! All the bucket list species are here, barra, salmon, mackerel and more. We landed a few, so without further ado, let’s hook into our fishing charter review.

beautiful coloured sands
  • 21st May 2024

Camping at Elim Beach

Elim Beach and the Coloured Sands blew our minds, with its beauty and serenity. This tropical paradise is an adventure destination and one of the best places to get off grid and into nature. We’re talking remote beaches, towering cliffs of coloured sand and 4WD action, with a side serve of inland roads and cliff climbing.

things to do at cobbold gorge
  • 29th Apr 2024

Things To Do At Cobbold Gorge

Cobbold Gorge. Cobbold Village. Jewels in the Gulf Savannah crown. A place to enjoy big blue sky days, million star nights and adventures in the outback. We love it here, from the guided tours to the free activities, pool bar, people and more. There’s so many things to do at Cobbold Gorge - let's launch into the list.

swimming at innot hot springs
  • 25th Apr 2024

Camping at Innot Hot Springs

The warm thermal waters of Innot Hot Springs on the Atherton Tablelands have been attracting visitors for over 100 years. People come to soak in the mineral rich waters and enjoy the bushland surrounds. Camping at Innot Hot Springs is popular with locals and it’s just over a 2 hour drive from Cairns.

feartured silverswift
  • 1st Apr 2024

Silversonic Dive Review

It’s raining, should I still go to the reef? Yes! – It was pouring rain when we boarded Silversonic at Port Douglas, but this swift, smooth catamaran transported us away from the storm, out to a beautiful, sunny day of diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Fast boat. 3 guided dives at 3 different locations. 1 amazing day.

aqua featured image
  • 18th Mar 2024

AquaQuest Dive Review

When it’s a glass out kind of day, it’s always going to be dive time for us! Our Cairns dive trip on AquaQuest ticked a lot of boxes. Time with a turtle, tick, clownfish, reef sharks and maori wrasse – tick, tick, tick - big blue sky above and clear blue water below. 5 hours at the reef. 3 dives. So good! It's dive time on the Great Barrier Reef.

RJE7174 featured
  • 6th Mar 2024

Camping at Undara

Camping at Undara gives you a real taste of the outback. Set in the heart of the savannah grasslands, this is a place where you can camp under gum trees, wake up with kookaburras, explore ancient lava tubes, wander around craters, splash in the pool, and toast marshmallows at night. All this and only 3.5 hours drive from Cairns.

IMG 3263
  • 12th Feb 2024

Spirit of Cairns Review

Being greeted with a glass of champagne is always a great way to start any evening, and so it was with the Spirit of Cairns dinner cruise. This is absolute waterside dining and calm water cruising in one great package, where you can wine and dine while you watch the sun go down and the sparkling city lights come to life.

daintee cassowaries
  • 14th Jan 2024

Best Places To See A Cassowary In Cairns

Cassowaries are an iconic resident of the Rainforests that surround Cairns. These majestic birds are easy to identify, standing between 1.5-2m tall with long legs, a large body covered in black plumage, a long blue neck, red wattles at the front and a casque on top of its head.

burger thumb
  • 13th Jan 2024

Best Burgers Cairns

Burger enthusiasts rejoice as Cairns and the Tropical North Queensland region are brimming with top-notch burger joints, competing for the best burger crown. We've done the hard work and taste testing for you, now check out our blog on Cairns' Best Burgers for all the juicy, tasty details, with a side of sauce and solid advice.

palm cove beach cairns
  • 13th Jan 2024

Best Place To Fly Your Drone In Cairns

Cairns is popular amongst drone enthusiasts and photographers for its range of flying locations, which includes the Great Barrier Reef, Rainforest, Beaches and Outback. As you will see on this site, we love our drone and here's some top tips on our fav places.

emperor angelfish dive
  • 14th Nov 2023

Silverswift Cairns Dive Review

Fast boat, smooth ride and guided dives on some stunning Cairns’ Great Barrier Reef sites, that’s what Silverswift is all about. They visit 3 reef sites each day, with plenty of time for diving and snorkelling. Meals, snacks and equipment are all included, so without further ado, let’s dive into our review.

snorkeling moore reef
  • 25th Oct 2023

Sunlover Review

When your crew is a combination of scuba divers and snorkelers, and you want the best Great Barrier Reef experience possible, an outer reef pontoon is the answer for you. Sunlover’s Moore Reef tour packs a good value punch, with diving, snorkeling, sliding and so much more. Great reef location. Lots of inclusions. Lets go!

calypso dive review 1
  • 16th Oct 2023

Calypso Dive Review

Peering over the edge of the boat, we see glimpses of the coral gardens below. Excitement builds. Weight belts on. BCDs on. Buddy checks complete. We stride in and begin our scuba diving discovery of the Great Barrier Reef with Calypso Reef Cruises, from Port Douglas. This was a great day, exploring amazing reef sites.

skyfeatured 1
  • 18th Sep 2023

Cairns Skyrail Cableway Review

Imagine floating above the rainforest. Gazing down into its green heart, a sea of rustling leaves and climbing palms. A place where cassowaries roam and ancient trees reach for the sky. Well stop dreaming and start doing, because you can make that happen on Cairns’ Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. So easy. So beautiful. So worth it.

kalkani crater rim walk drone
  • 28th Aug 2023

Kalkani Crater Rim Walk

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, fountains of red-hot volcanic rock burst from the earth, landing in layers to create a cone crater. Today this is a place of grasslands and serenity, home to brilliant jewel bugs and whiptail wallabies. There’s walks, wildlife and wilderness waiting for you at Kalkani Crater.

the australian age of dinasours
  • 27th Aug 2023

Australian Dinosaur Trail from Cairns

From the coastal city of Cairns, the Dinosaur Trail takes you northwest into Outback Queensland. It takes you to a place that was once an inland sea, bordered by tropical vegetation; a place not unlike Cairns, a place where dinosaurs used to roam. Let’s follow their footsteps.

platypterygius australis
  • 25th Aug 2023

Kronosaurus Korner, Richmond

Once upon a time Australia had a massive inland sea. Cruising its waters was a truly astonishing number of marine dinosaurs, including a beast like no other - the Kronosaurus - which lends its name to the Kronosaurus Korner Museum, at Richmond. Visit. See. Dig For Fossils.

age of dinasours kids
  • 21st Aug 2023

Winton’s Age of Dinosaurs

Waiting for you way out west at Winton, is a Jurassic experience like no other. The world’s only known dinosaur stampede, the largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils and a dramatic and beautiful landscape of rich red soil, spinifex grass and Jump Ups. Drive. See. Explore.

porcupine gorge photos
  • 9th Aug 2023

Camping at Porcupine Gorge

Porcupine Gorge, everyone loves it! An ancient landscape. A gorge carved deep into the country, its coloured walls revealing over 200 million years of geological history and at its heart, a pyramid. Where is it and is it worth going? It’s in outback Queensland and yes, it’s worth going.

chillagoe caves trezkinn cave
  • 6th Aug 2023

Chillagoe Caves

The Chillagoe Caves offer a unique experience in North Queensland. The chance to go exploring beneath the ground, on guided tours through a limestone landscape of stalactites, stalagmites, cave corals and so much more. We’ve done the tours, so come with us and let’s explore.

norman reef scuba
  • 17th Jul 2023

Unguided Diving in Cairns

Unguided diving in Cairns is possible, but you must book the ‘right’ boat to do it, as most reef operators insist on guided dives. We’ve found the tour for you, so step right up and stride right in, it's dive time on the Great Barrier Reef.

cairns botanic gardens 4
  • 1st Jun 2023

Cairns Botanic Gardens

This thriving, living landscape is a must see in Cairns. Explore its shady pathways with little streams, and open grassy areas with towering trees, not forgetting the conservatory with ancient ferns and delicate orchids. There’s something for everyone and entry is free.

i love boardwalks
  • 22nd May 2023

Cairns Airport Mangrove Boardwalk

An ecosystem shaped by tides, its trees an evolutionary tale of survival, slender trunks dapple the light and amongst a tangle of roots, thousands of busy little crabs go about their day. It's free to see, so check it out.

obriens creek rusted car
  • 9th May 2023

Camping at O’Briens Creek Campground

O’Briens Creek Campground is located on the banks of Elizabeth Creek. It’s the closest place you can stay to the O’Briens Creek fossicking area and with its waterfront positioning and shady trees, it’s a great little bush camp.

copperfield gorge drone
  • 21st Apr 2023

Copperfield Gorge Einasleigh

Copperfield Gorge may not be as well as known as Cobbold Gorge, but it’s well worth a visit when you’re in the area. A 2-hour drive from Cobbold Village, Copperfield Gorge is people and puppy friendly, scenic and a great place for a swim.

cobbold gorge sup
  • 21st Apr 2023

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Cobbold Gorge

This is the best place to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time, and for experienced paddle boarders, it’s a simply amazing way to explore Cobbold Gorge. Must be booked on a 1-hour guided tour.

down under cruise reef watch
  • 12th Mar 2023

Down Under Cruise & Dive Review

A great day at the reef! Ticked off all of our favourite underwater things – turtles, clownfish, maori wrasse and reef sharks – and that was all on the first stop of the day. Down Under Cruise & Dive delivered the goods.

Passions of Paradise Trip Review
  • 6th Mar 2023

Passions of Paradise Diving and Snorkelling Review

Passions of Paradise visit some amazing Cairns Great Barrier Reef sites, perfect for divers of all experience levels and snorkelers. The crew are great. The boat is comfortable and the vibe is high. Let's dive right in.

ocean freedon nemo
  • 5th Feb 2023

Upolu Reef Diving and Snorkelling Review

Do you want to find Nemo? We’ll give you our top tip - we went to Upolu Reef and Upolu Cay with Ocean Freedom on the weekend and saw at least six different anemone, each home to a healthy population of resident clownfish.

10 year old padi open water scaled
  • 28th Jan 2023

Kids Learn to Dive On The Great Barrier Reef

Stop the bubble! Much excitement as our 10-year-old learned to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, becoming a certified PADI Junior Open Water Diver. Want to learn how and where we did it and what's involved, read on.

kinds kayak tinaroo
  • 4th Jan 2023

Camping at Downfall Creek

Camping at Lake Tinaroo allows you to have maximum lake time, as well as enjoy the early morning and late afternoon stillness, with a campfire and marshmallows to boot. There are a few camp sites, this time we chose Downfall Creek.

what you see at green island
  • 1st Jan 2023

Green Island Snorkeling Review

Ever wanted to snorkel with a turtle? We did that and discovered so much more when we went snorkelling on Green Island. Highlights included colourful clams, parrotfish, rabbitfish, fringing reef, a Moorish Idol, Eagle Ray, sunset fish feeding and sunrise jetty jumping.

wavelength port douglas
  • 21st Nov 2022

Opal Reef Snorkel Tour

Opal Reef is amazing! Vibrant coral gardens with impressive beds of branching and plate corals, giant boulder corals, soft corals, bommies, feather stars and more. Not to mention Nemo, turtles, giant clams and a lot of fish. Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef.

talaroo hot springs view from droneve
  • 16th Nov 2022

Camping at Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo Hot Springs, you’ve heard its name and might have seen some photos, but what is it, where is it and is it worth going? It’s a unique destination combining geological wonders and an outback landscape, presented by the Ewamian people and yes, it’s worth going.

fridge door agate creek 1
  • 15th Nov 2022

Fossicking At Agate Creek

Agate fossicking at the Agate Creek Gemfields was so much easier – and more fun – than we thought. If your kids (or yourselves) are into pretty rocks, then plot your way to this place. Agates are easily found, plus getting there is an adventure.

cobbold gorge boat
  • 14th Nov 2022

Camping at Cobbold Gorge

Camping at Cobbold Gorge. We give it 5 stars. Explore this ancient landscape up high by heli, down low by boat, clamber up quartz blows, explore escarpments, fossick for precious stones, cocktails in the pool and campfires at night.

ethan snorkeling 2
  • 12th Oct 2022

Mission Beach Snorkel Tour

Magic Mission Beach. Best known for its golden beaches, rich rainforest, resident Cassowaries and offshore islands. But beyond the coast, the underwater gardens of the Great Barrier Reef are calling your name - go make some memories.

chillago smelters sunset
  • 7th Sep 2022

Things To Do In Chillagoe

Things To Do In Chillagoe. Cavernous limestone caves, giant balancing rocks, ancient escarpments, Aboriginal rock art, historic smelters and a night-time sky which sparkles with a million stars - you can do all this and more, on a visit to Chillagoe.

mossan gorge
  • 30th Aug 2022

Active Tropics Explorer, Cairns Daintree Tour

The Daintree Rainforest. You know the name, but do you know its history, its secrets and its most beautiful places? Active Tropics Explorer do - and they’ll show and share it with you, on their Cairns Daintree tour.

cassowary falls photography
  • 1st Aug 2022

Cassowary Falls Daintree Waterfall Tour

We thought we knew all the waterfalls up here - we were wrong. Cassowary Falls in the Daintree Rainforest is a single drop waterfall that cascades down into a cool, pool of freshwater. Bring your towels, there’s no crocs, so you can dive right in.

Tully Gorge National Park
  • 7th Jan 2022

Tully Gorge National Park

Mighty rainforest mountains, deep ravines, rare plants and animals, and a lookout which leaves you feeling humbled by nature - that’s what awaits you at Tully Gorge National Park. It’s a long drive but a short walk. The scenery will stay with you forever.

halls falls from above
  • 2nd Jan 2022

Halls Falls Herberton

Halls Falls is one of those locals’ secret spots. A series of cascading waterfalls tumbling down a remote mountainside in the Herberton Range National Park. If you want to run away and find somewhere off the beaten track, this is definitely the place.

mount hypipamee the crater
  • 1st Jan 2022

Mount Hypipamee National Park

Big word. Hard to pronounce. Home to the humble beginnings of the Barron River, rare and ancient rainforest and many wild and wonderful creatures, including a forest dragon. All free and waiting for you. So get in the car and drive.

cedar bay cooktown
  • 1st Jan 2022

Bloomfield Escape Reef & Island Trips

Bloomfield Escape. Reef & Island Trips. Go from the everyday, into the wild, untamed and beautiful coastal country of Bloomfield. Maximum 8 Guests. Beauty will blow your mind!

cassowary kuranda
  • 3rd Dec 2021

Birdworld Kuranda

Want to get close to a Southern Cassowary? Guaranteed to happen at Birdworld Kuranda. This iconic rainforest resident, and Australia’s largest flightless bird, is always here, providing a rare opportunity to admire their beauty.

abc snorkel charters boat
  • 22nd Nov 2021

ABC Snorkel Charters

The Great Barrier Reef. This Port Douglas reef trip stands out for all the right reasons! Small numbers - max 12 guests. Awesome boat. Great crew. Fantastic snorkelling. 100% the best bit is having your own in-water guide. Bucket List.

ocean safari reef tour photo
  • 12th Nov 2021

Ocean Safari

Cape Tribulation. Where the Reef meets the Rainforest. Bring it all together on one amazing half-day tour with Ocean Safari. Two Hours Snorkelling. Great crew and destinations. An awesome reef adventure!

bad fishy cairns jet boat
  • 6th Nov 2021

Bad Fishy

Want to know the best way to spend 35 minutes in Cairns? It’s a jet boat ride with Bad Fishy! Expect 360 spins and speed, with a side serve of sightseeing in Trinity Inlet, with commentary by an awesome local Captain.


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