Ocean Safari Cape Tribulation Reef Tour

Cape Tribulation. Where the Reef meets the Rainforest. Bring it all together on one amazing half-day tour with Ocean Safari. Your ride to the reef is on a rigid inflatable boat, powered with 700hp engines. When you get there, splash straight down on to the mind-blowing Great Barrier Reef, with two hours snorkel time.

Hold on tight, sit on the side, or under the shaded canopy. 25 guests (maximum).

Ocean Safari Cape Tribulation Adventure

This one puts you front and centre. From walking to the beach, wading out to the boat and kicking it up a notch with a fast and furious ride to the reef. To sliding off the side, snorkelling over amazing coral gardens which are teeming with fish and sometimes – tides and weather permitting – catching your breath and chilling out on a simply stunning sand cay. They’ve got it all.

“We’ve been on every reef trip from Cairns, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation – I know – pretty lucky right! Ocean Safari blew us away. It offers something completely different to all the rest. If you want fast and fun, as well as amazing Great Barrier Reef snorkelling, this is the one for you. So good!” – Julie Johnston

Ocean Safari The Great Barrier Reef

Ocean Safari can go to two Great Barrier Reef locations – Mackay Reef or Undine Reef – and will pick the best one to maximise your experience on the day, pending conditions. Both of these reefs have excellent snorkelling conditions and either way, you’re guaranteed to see some awesome marine life.

Everything is provided for snorkelling, including lycra sunsuits, mask, snorkel and fins. There’s also life jackets and noodles for those who want them. As for what you’ll see, well obviously it all depends on the day, but we saw endless coral gardens, massive giant clams, starfish, sea cucumbers, stingrays and sea snails (otherwise knows as nudibranchs). As for the fish, butterfly fish and angelfish, parrotfish and wrasse, trumpetfish, colourful chromis and so much more.

The reef is vibrant and alive, the waters warm and clear, jump right in.

Ocean Safari A Half Day In Paradise

Ocean Safari’s travel time to the reef is just 25 minutes, so while this is only a half day tour, you still get plenty of play time. They visit two locations and you have about an hour in the water at each one. They usually run two tours per day – giving you a morning and afternoon option – but given COVID change in circumstances, best to check ahead.

The trip starts and ends at Cape Tribulation village. The crew is keen, and the vibe is high. The locations, nothing short of stunning. On the land you’ve got the ancient Daintree Rainforest, which you can explore on boardwalks and trails. Just offshore, the Great Barrier Reef. This is the only place on earth where two Natural World Heritage listed sites exist side by side. Impressive from every perspective.

World class natural beauty is right here, on your doorstep from Cairns.

Ocean Safari What You Need To Know

Check in is at their office, adjacent to the Turtle Rock Café in Cape Tribulation Village. The morning trip leaves at 8am so you would need to have arrived the day before and stayed overnight, unless you want to get up really early. The boats are suitable for most ages, 4 years and upwards. You can purchase souvenir photos of your trip, which make for some great memories, or you can take your own too.

  • Snorkel Equipment supplied
  • Kids must be at least 4 years old
  • Wear sunscreen and sun smart clothes
  • You Can Take Your Own Snacks
  • Maximum of 25 people
  • Family rates available
  • Not Suitable for Non-Swimmers

About the Author

Julie was born in Cairns and grew up running around in the cane fields south of the city. She has explored, breathed and loved everything about our amazing Cairns region her whole life. Excited to be able share this wonderful place with our son and see it all again through ‘new’ eyes. Watch this space for more info on the people, places, destinations and things you can do up here.

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